Asal #Mainkata
Binatang yang lebih bodoh dari keledai adalah cacing, karena sering jatuh ke lubang yang sama
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Songs on my head – Medley Part. II

A couple of audio posts backup from a page called #mainlagu that I had to cut. Just a bunch of songs that was stuck on my head not to long ago.

A secret garden poem bermainhati

A Secret Garden (Poem)

Simple structure of words put in order, mix and arrange carefully to convey meanings and emotions. It then become a poetry. Just a short sonnet to read and enjoy today.

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The art of writing.. Cautiously

As one case happened recently. A figure from a well-known political family written and read a poem that stirs controversy. Search and read it whole first before moving further. Become a smart reader and approach it objectively. Try not to scream and cast hatred as oppose try understanding what it is all about.

Hati hati bermain hati quit playing games with my heart square kotak

Hati-hatilah dengan hati

Bermain hati artinya kalau tidak ingin di sakiti, maka tidak boleh menyakiti. Hati-hatilah dengan hati, tidak boleh sampai dipermainkan. Jadi tidak boleh bermain-main dengan hati orang lain.

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Untitled (for now)

Some people are rather funny. They for all intent and purpose deliberately withhold information and not sharing it with someone they trust